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mymoodisthis is a newsletter about ordinary life. It’s supposed to be funny and heartwarming. I hope you find it funny and heartwarming. But mostly I hope that you relate to what I’m talking about — that’s the point, after all.

Illustration of me by @lolitamarellita

Every week I’ll write about whatever has crossed my mind lately. I usually think deeply about stuff while I’m on my way to places, like when I’m taking my kid to daycare, walking my dog or going to yoga class. Does that happen to you too? Cool.

Like Nietzsche once said, “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” I agree.

By the way, I’m Isabel van Zeller, a copywriter from Lisbon, living in Amsterdam. I have a corgi called Ginja and a toddler called Gaspar — you’ll probably be reading a lot about them. I apologise in advance if it gets too much. I never thought I’d be that parent, but yet here I am.

Thanks for being here.

x Isabel

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A newsletter about ordinary life.


I heard author Judy Blume say in one of those adverts for Masterclass "Why would anyone write if they didn't have to?" That's the thing, I feel I have to.